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A unique visual and emotional identity for your brand.

more than a logo

Branding is the process of creating a unique visual and emotional identity for a company or product, which encompasses elements such as logo, colors, typography and style. Having a strong brand identity provides consistency and recognition across all touchpoints, establishing trust with customers and differentiating the brand in a competitive market.

Access to exclusive client portal
Discovery call
Brand Quiz
Creative direction and moodboards
Complete visual identity design
Primary logo
Secondary logo
Color palette
Typographic selection
Brand personality and tone


(4-6 weeks)

BASIC design elements to kick-start your brand

2700 $
2100 $

Hiring website

How does Branding work?

  • Before starting to work together, I need to see that we are a little aligned: I want to know things about your brand, your project, what your objectives are, what exactly you need... also, of course, we resolve any doubts you may have, etc :)

  • From which you can access your briefs and work documents, share comments and moodboards, see the progress of projects and communicate directly. It serves as a hub for interaction and collaboration – streamlining communication and keeping you on top of every stage of the creative process.

  • This is a super detailed document that helps me obtain essential information about a project. It contains questions about your brand identity, your target audience, goals on the table, design preferences, and other relevant details. This questionnaire helps me thoroughly understand your needs and expectations, allowing me to create a design that is true to your brand vision and resonates with your audience.

  • Once we have all of the above, we start with the brand strategy, an essential phase before starting to design.

  • Your brand is ready to rock. I'm going to prepare several mockups for you to launch with all your new branding.

  • Branding goes beyond the logo by encompassing all the aspects that make up the identity and experience of a brand. It involves creating a coherent visual identity, communicating values ​​and narratives, consistently delivering experiences to customers, and building trust and recognition over time. While the logo is an important piece, branding encompasses the entirety of how a brand presents itself, communicates, and connects emotionally with its audience.

  • Generally, you will be billed 30% to reserve your spot. The rest, we can surely divide it into 2 installments, if that is more comfortable for you.

    1. Impactful Differentiation: Effective branding allows you to create a unique and memorable visual identity for your brand. With a distinctive design, appropriate colors and fonts, we make you stand out in a sea of ​​​​competitors.

    2. Emotional Connection: Through conscious choice of visual elements and design style, we can forge a strong emotional connection between your brand and your audience.

    3. Professional Perception: Well-designed branding conveys professionalism and gives confidence. By having a coherent visual identity in your communication, we generate a solid and competent brand impression.

    4. Message Amplification: Through visual and graphic elements that reflect your values ​​and objectives, we can quickly communicate the essence of your brand and what you represent.

    In short, branding not only makes your brand pretty on the outside, it also amplifies its voice, fosters emotional connections, and creates a lasting impression that makes a difference in the market.

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Let´s rock your brand

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